Delivery Information

How we handle deliveries

All orders placed in our marketplace are processed and dispatched by our trusted sellers. We allow our sellers to use Domestic shipping and International mail carriers and require them to specify shipping rates and delivery times when listing products for sale.

Shipping rates and destinations

You will see what shipping rules apply to each individual product in the Shipping section on the product's page. Some products are eligible for free and nationwide shipping while others may not be available to your region. If a product is not available to your region, we recommend using a different address or getting in touch with the seller for more information.

Shipping restrictions

We display shipping information and restrictions on product pages. Additionally, you will be notified if the product you're trying to purchase is not available for delivery to your address at checkout.

Tracking your orders

After you've placed your order, our sellers are instantly notified and start processing it. When the vendor dispatches your order, you can request a tracking code that you can use with your preferred tracking service to track your order.